Commission yourselfie a ‘Shelfie’

SHELFIES – the new selfies!


‘Slow Books’ rsw oil on canvas 2014 10″x20″

Above is the ‘Shelfie’ I painted for authors Carl Honore and Miranda France. These are the books that are special in their lives together.

Both the painting and the idea of a ‘Shelfie’ have been so popular that I thought it was time to market the idea more widely!!


‘MyBooks’ rsw 2014 oil on canvas 10″x20″

Prices start from £195 for a standard 10″x12″ (about 8-10 books), £295 for 10″x20″, £325 for 12″x24″ (about 18-20 books) with a range in between!

If you would like to talk to me about commissioning a ‘Shelfie’ for yourself or someone special – a gathering of the resonant books in your lives – please contact me



Take a look at the painting tabs above to see more of my book paintings….

One thought on “Commission yourselfie a ‘Shelfie’

  1. hey roo,..i really love the book selfie idea, about if you do one for me for next year?, will you let me know the process and cashdolla! amount and we can chat ?, its about time i had one of your paintings,..and i happen to love to read and have a few favourite books,..let me know loveeee, like i said, rush, sure it will involve saving up!,..(when you kick the bucket that spider on my leg aught be worth a few bob!,.haha!)

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