‘Unwritten Book’ in ‘Not The Royal Academy’ Show

Successful London trip, with ‘Unwritten Book 3’ accepted for the


show at Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, The Cut, London

on from June 6th until August 22nd

rsw_unwrittenbook3NOT The Royal Academy Exhibition 2015

Over 12,000 paintings are submitted each year to the prestigious Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Only 800 pictures finally make it onto the walls of the Royal Academy. 'A Second Chance' The Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, inspired by the original ‘Salon des Refusés’ held in Paris in the 19th century, will hang the best of this year’s work submitted to the Royal Academy but not hung. Hundreds of artists bring their work for a further selection process at the Gallery where they will be told immediately whether they have been successful or not. Oils, watercolours and pastels of all sizes pass through the doors of this lively Gallery on the South Bank. Every painting is for sale and may be taken by the purchaser straight away, creating space for another to be displayed. All paintings will be on show for three weeks, after which new work will be hung. Over the years purchasers have returned again and again, commenting that this alternative exhibition contains more original and exciting work! The Gallery is open from 10am until 7.30pm, Tuesday to Saturday giving the opportunity for everyone to see this regularly changing show.

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