About Roo Waterhouse

Roo Waterhouse is a figurative artist based at Northlight Art Studios in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Roo’s oil paintings observe and contemplate the (extra)ordinary things of everyday life, celebrating the significance of our treasured possessions. She specialises in bespoke ‘Shelf-Portrait’ paintings of cherished books gathered together on bookshelves.
Roo’s ‘Shelf-Portrait’ oil paintings:

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Roo’s novel and intriguing ‘Shelf-Portrait’ oil paintings are a colourful glimpse into individual lives – little personal poems, celebrating the significance of our treasured books, from leather-bound tomes to bestseller paperbacks.

Roo’s ‘Significant Accumulation’ paintings reflect the personal histories held within our familiar quotidian ‘belongings’:

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With an eye for detail, Roo’s oil paintings observe the paraphernalia of life and appreciate our relationship with the familiar artefacts in our everyday surroundings. Whether cherished or ignored, the belongings we accumulate in our homes resonate with their own stories and together form an echo of personal and family identity.

Over the last nine years Roo Waterhouse has established herself as a figurative painter with a fascination for domestic narrative, exhibiting widely across the North of England and London. Her paintings are currently on show with The Yorkshire Gallery, Halifax, Nicholas Bowlby Gallery in Sussex, and Frivoli Gallery in Chiswick, London. Her work is collected and commissioned country-wide.




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