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An exhibition of artwork by Roo Waterhouse

The body of evidence we see presented before us in this exhibition is made up of the clutter of everyday life. The spaces in which we live and grow, and the collection of artefacts within those spaces, play an important part in defining who we become and how we see the world. Our emotional attachment to objects surrounding us in our formative years gives us a sense of place; a sense of history; a sense of reality.

We continue gathering things around us throughout our lives; not just for practical reasons, but also because they just feel right; comfortable. We construct our own comfort zone of familiar surroundings.

These accumulated possessions are important, however mundane and functional, and contain within them our stories; our lives. They become vessels, holding associations; memories; fragments of our identity, helping us to define what it is to be alive and to piece together our own cultural anthropology – our own context. Our attachment to objects and possessions is part of an intrinsic need to prove our existence outside our own skins and show our individuality. ‘These are my shoes; these are the shoes I like to wear: this is me; this is who I am.’

It is this evidence which we gather around ourselves, the external proof we supply, both to those around us and to ourselves, that reassures us of our existence as individuals in the world.

This constant need to prove that we existed, in that place, at that time, can become an obsession – we cling onto these ‘precious’ artefacts because we fear losing the memories and personal identity associated with them. It is this thread of attachments that keeps us grounded and we fear breaking the connection if the objects are gone.

Roo Waterhouse ‘Evidence’ 2016

‘’Objects store and possess, take in and breathe out, the emotions with which they have been associated.’’

Daniel Miller ‘The Comfort of Things’….


Roo S Waterhouse ‘Domestic Space’ at Gallery98TBR, Tower Bridge Road, London. June – July 2015



‘Roo S Waterhouse’: Unit Three Gallery, Northlight Art Space, Hebden Bridge June 2015

rooatunitthree copy


‘The Comfort of Things’: Hebden Bridge Town Hall Galleries. April-May 2014




A touring exhibition inspired by toy collections at local Heritage museums, supported by The National Lottery through Arts Council England (For details please click on the ReCollection Project tab)

Bankfield Museum, Halifax. Jan – Mar 2012

Towneley Hall, Burnley. Apr – June 2012

Dewsbury Museum, Dewsbury. June -Sept 2012

Craven Museum, Skipton. Jan – Apr 2013

Tolson Museum, Huddersfield. May – Sept 2013



‘Accumulations’:(with K.Wackerbarth) Arts Festival Gallery, Hebden Bridge – May 2012

P105030roo and katherine


‘Retro Roo’: The Bear Gallery, Todmorden. May 2011



‘Moments Of Awareness’: Arts Festival Gallery, Hebden Bridge. Mar 2010




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