Here are some of the collaborative projects I have worked on in 2018….

The Bookcase, Hebden Bridge:


‘So Hebden Bridge’ ©rsw2018

I worked with the fabulous Hebden Bridge local independent book shop, The Bookcase to create a Shelf-Portrait celebrating Hebden Bridge, it’s surrounding countryside, and just some of the many talented authors of the town.

From the Valley of 100 Chapels, to the Valley of 100 authors!!

‘So Hebden Bridge’ now hangs in it’s new local home, but Limited Edition prints are available to order through The Bookcase  in Hebden Bridge or The Yorkshire Gallery in Halifax, or directly from Roo here.

The Bookcase also have greeting cards for sale, and soon mugs as well 🙂


Alzheimer’s in the Frame:


Alzheimer’s in the Frame’ rsw2018 12×16″ oil on canvas

A collaboration with Ian Craighton-Chambers of the BAT foundation.

A Shelf-Portrait painting celebrating authors who have suffered with Alzheimer’s, to be exhibited alongside their portraits in the Alzheimer’s in the Frame touring and mutating exhibition, raising awareness of Alzheimer’s and dementia and promoting drug-free treatment.


Derby Book Festival:


‘Derby Book Festival’ rsw2018 16×12″ oil on canvas

I was invited by Derby Book Festival to paint a Shelf-Portrait to celebrate their fourth festival, including some of their favourite visiting authors from all four festivals.

The art-prints and cards of the painting on sale throughout the Book Festival and on my stall at the Book Fair were a great success!