Bronte Sisters Book Mug


A mug full of the Bronte sisters classic novels 🙂


Enjoy a cuppa in this Bronte Sisters mug, featuring an ornate shelf of Emily, Charlotte and Anne’s classic novels from the shelves of the Bronte Parsonage in Howarth 🙂

  • 325 ml size
  • Durable ceramic mug
  • microwave and dishwasher safe

The image is from one of my original Shelf Portrait oil paintings, ‘Jane Austen‘ which is available as a limited edition print.

**PLEASE NOTE: Orders for United States and Europe may incur local taxes on or before delivery. If you wish to ship elsewhere in the world, please contact me directly.

My book art work brings together my loves of painting, typography and books.

I love to paint Bespoke Shelf Portrait paintings: clients gather their favourite editions together for me to paint. As I paint, a picture of their lives and loves grows across the canvas, across the shelf.

Which books would you choose for your Shelf Portrait?

Find out more about my bespoke paintings here

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