Science Fiction Book Art Tote Bag


Classic Tote Bag in 100% cotton

In stock


A handy 100% cotton tote bag with long handles for over the shoulder and a nice wide gusset so there’s room for plenty of books inside!

Featuring a shelfful of iconic Science Fiction novels.

A must for all Sci-Fi fans 🙂

This colourful image is from an original Shelf Portrait oil painting ‘The Edge of Time’, also available as a limited edition print.

The bag measures 34 cm from top to bottom, is 35 cm wide and is 6 cm deep.

**PLEASE NOTE: Orders for United States and Europe may incur local taxes on or before delivery. If you wish to ship elsewhere in the world, please contact me directly.

My book art work brings together my loves of painting, typography and books.

I love to paint Bespoke Shelf Portrait paintings: clients gather their favourite editions together for me to paint. As I paint, a picture of their lives and loves grows across the canvas, across the shelf.

Which books would you choose for your Shelf Portrait?

Find out more about my bespoke paintings here


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