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Celebrate a lifetime of books with a
Bespoke Shelf Portrait oil painting by Roo Waterhouse

A truly original gift…

"A bookshelf is a physical representation of many aspects of a person's life. Cookery books, travel guides, trashy novels and Shakespeare can all give an insight into one’s passions, personality, aspirations and dreams. Books hold memories of places visited, people met, meals cooked, languages learned and problems overcome.

Having a personalised, commissioned Shelf-Portrait is like having a portrait done of yourself, portraying your personality through the books you read. Which books would you choose? The possibilities are endless..."

Emily Stubbs

My Shelf Portrait oil paintings take around 6 months to complete, depending on several factors like size, how many commissions I'm working on, and how long the paint takes to dry!

To start the process off, I like to pay a visit (logistics depending!) to discuss the book selection and arrangement, decide on the composition and give a quote. I will then take photographs to work from.

Alternatively I can work from photos you have taken yourself, but that is not nearly so fun!

Each commission is individually priced, with prices starting from £1,800.

If you would like to discuss a bespoke Shelf Portrait painting commission please fill in the enquiry form below and I will be in touch.

  • Anthology

    A wonderful painting of some of my best loved poetry books. I am delighted with it! Michael
  • I received my painting last has left me speechless. I truly love it, somehow it has exceeded all my expectations. All the little details are there, so much to look at. Just know that this painting will be treasured and is now an heirloom, part of our history, to be cherished.

    Dawn & John
  • I wanted to give my wife a 50th presented that captured all the different parts of her life; her youth, her interests and our family. It is so special to have this painting that does this in such a personal and beautiful way. The giving of the picture was a moment in time that will persist, and the painting itself can now live with us and be enjoyed into the distance. Thanks Roo for doing such an immaculate job.

  • Thank you for producing such a stunning artwork - I absolutely love it. From seeing some of your other works I knew that you would create something both very special and very personal to me. Thank you so much for the time and care you have put into the painting, which is now one of my most valued possessions.

  • Thank you so much for this lovely picture, it was the perfect way to mark 24 years of a happy publishing partnership.

    Kate Atkinson loved it - and so did my colleagues!

  • Your painting for D has captured her in such a special way - it truly is her. This painting is anything and everything encapsulated -the serious, the scholarly, the frivolous, the fun. It's truly beautiful, and you are truly talented and possess a very special gift.

  • What a magnificent and generous gift.

    Bill Bryson
  • Public accomplishments and hidden secrets. Old Friends and loves lost. Simple jokes and profound truths. This bookshelf encapsulates half a century of the inside of my head. More intimate and more telling than any facial portrait could ever be.

    As trompe l'oeil, only the larger than life scale gives the game away. Roo’s talent is to both abstract and reproduce the worn history of these much loved books. Working with Roo was a delight, her care and artistic judgement shining through at every step.

  • Moondust

    I knew the finished piece would be good but I wasn’t prepared for the emotion of seeing the painting for the first time, to think that it’s actually mine, this wonderful piece of art that has been so skilfully and painstakingly created just for me. It is so real, yet also unmistakably a painting - I don’t know how you do that! It’s very special to me and I shall treasure it forever. Thank you.


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