Open Studios This Weekend!!

Open Studios Special: Part Two

‘Beside The Seaside’: New Release Limited Edition Print

U is for Unveil!

This weekend, especially for summer OPEN STUDIOS, I will be unveiling a new
Limited Edition Print release: ‘Beside The Seaside‘.

Let your mind drift off to the sun, sand and sea with this collection of seaside themed works of fiction, fact and adventure!

As subscribers I am releasing it to you today, with a special 10% discount through my online shop (use code SEASIDE at the checkout)
on ALL Limited Edition prints until the end of July!!

Here’s hoping for some seaside weather soon!!

Buy Beside The Seaside 🙂
Shelf Portrait in Progress Image by John Linney

N is for Northlight

I love having my studio space at Northlight Art Studios! It is so nourishing to be surrounded by a cooperative of lovely artists and makers… This weekend you can come and meet:
Martha Breeze (Kelletur); Kate Boyce (Painting); Juliet Blackman (Ceramics); Don Myers (Painting); Rach Red (Print & Design); Annie Harrison (Ceramics & Print);Toby Cotterill (Jewellery) and, of course ME!

Studios Open this weekend
10.30am – 5pm
Friday 5th, Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th July
You will find my studio on the first floor at Northlight Art Studios, and to show my appreciation for all your lovely support, you will be given a free Book Art Card of your choice! (you’ll just need to ask!)
AND there will be 10% off ALL Limited Edition prints!!
More About Open Studios
Hello! Image by John Linney

I hope to see you over the weekend 🙂

Best Welcoming Wishes,

Still Reading: ‘H is for Hawk’ by Helen MacDonald

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C is for Childhood Favourites….

‘When We Were Very Young’ Limited Edition print

The worlds of imagination that we find in books as children can expand our universe and expand our minds, helping us to see that there is a big wide world of opportunities and adventure out there…

One of my favourites to dip in and out of was A. A. Milnes When We Were Very Young’, which brought such delight and thrills to everyday life: there was a man that wasn’t there half way down the stairs! There were bears hiding around the corner! …and the simple happiness of John with his Great Big Waterproof Boots on…

I included this wonderful book in my painting of the same title, which is available to buy as a Limited Edition print in an edition of 100.

When We Were Very Young
‘Sarah’s Room’ the next Childhood themed Limited Edition print?

M is for Milly Molly Mandy

The copy of Milly Molly Mandy pictured in  ‘Sarah’s Room’ belonged to my mother as a child. The first of Joyce Lankester Brisley’s MIlly Molly Mandy stories were published in 1928, the year my mother was born, and they are still being republished today.

When she passed this copy on to my youngest, we were delighted to discover that Granjay had been a naughty child and scribbled on the illustrations with crayons! Very reassuring to discover that one’s parents are actually fallible human beings!

I was thinking of bringing this second childhood themed painting out as a new Limited Edition print – what do you reckon?
Which of these books takes you back to your childhood? I’d love to know!

‘Hug’ – a bespoke painting

H is for Hug

For one more glance back to childhood, this painting ‘Hug’ was a bespoke present for my youngest, Theo. He chose  his most treasured books on his 18th birthday, and I painted this Shelf Portrait ready for his 21st.

As you can see from the tape (barely) holding it together, Jez Alborough’s ‘Hug’ , was a favourite toddler book!

“I liked the idea that the smallest hug has the power to fill up even the largest animal” says Jez.

If you are looking for that illusive unique gift for a special someone in your life, what about a bespoke Shelf Portrait?

You can find out more on my website, or reply to this email with your enquiry 🙂

Bespoke paintings

Yes, it’s that fabulous time of year again!
Hebden Bridge artists and makers will be opening their doors and welcoming you into their studios over the weekend of

July 5th-7th from 10.30am to 5pm 🙂

More details to follow……

Best nostalgic childhood wishes,

Currently Reading: ‘Joan Eardley’ by Christopher Andreae

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Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside :-)

Here’s a sneak peek at some details of  the new Shelf Portrait painting that I finished this week:
‘Beside The Seaside’

I especially enjoyed painting the shells and pebbles, as well as the detail of Hokusai’s ‘

The Great Wave off Kanagawa‘, possibly the world most famous woodblock print, on the cover of Iris Murdoch’s ‘

The Sea, The Sea


Once it’s dried and varnished it will be off down to London for the 

 on Hampstead Heath in May.
I’ll be going down with it, and I’m looking forward to venturing into the
Hamptead ponds for a swim 🙂

Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside!
I do like to be beside the sea!
Oh I do like to stroll along the Prom, Prom, Prom!
Where the brass bands play, “Tiddely-om-pom-pom!”

I’m not sure there’s much of a chance of catching a brass band on the prom these days, but I don’t think that would stop me from heading to the seaside if I had half a chance!

Easter holidays is the classic time to head for the coast, I wonder where you might all be off to? I’m hoping for a day trip to Formby beach – a beautiful spot with pine forest, sand dunes, miles of sandy beach and even the chance of spotting a red squirrel 🙂

Above is a sketch I did there last Easter – I can’t believe it was so sunny!!

The lovely warm sunshine we had here on Sunday seems like such a distant memory! Pootling in my garden, I was happy to see a few fluffy bumble bees buzzing about 🙂
Why not spread some bee love this Spring with the warm, bumble-bee colours in my ‘
ABC of Bees‘ range of prints and cards!

I also had a lovely stroll up through the woods to gather wild garlic, and made this delicious 

for my lunch 🙂

Wishing you all a relaxing Spring Break 🙂

Best Wishes,

New Book Art Notebook Range…

Notebooks are back!
(Well, you kept asking, so what could I do!!)

With three new designs:
By The RiverVintage Penguins and Agatha Christie,
alongside the ever popular Jane Austen and Science Fiction.

Shop Notebooks Here
You can take a look at the notebooks in person if you happen to be in Harrogate this weekend.
I’ll be exhibiting at the PBFA Harrogate Premier Book Fair
on Friday 15th March 12noon to 6pm
and Saturday 16th from 10am to 4pm.

You can even download a free ticket for two here 🙂
…and there’s a new Agatha Christie mug too!! The perfect vessel for a cosy cuppa with your whodunnit reading 🙂

Best Mystery Wishes


Currently Reading: ‘Lights, Planets, People’ by Molly Naylor and Lizzy Stewart

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Welcome to 2024!!

Beatitude: so hot off the press that they are not even mounted yet!
Today I have released this new Limited Edition print
(patiently awaited by several of you!)
from my original Shelf Portrait painting
You can place an order in my shop here, … 🙂

Shop Beatitude Here
We had a wonderfully relaxing time down in Cornwall, walking along the (rather blustery!!) coast path, paddling at SennenGwynver and Porthcurno beaches and visiting The Barbara Hepworth Museum and the Tate St Ives.
Evening were spent knitting by the wood stove and reading To The Lighthouse.
We came back with armfuls of wonderful ceramics from the fabulous Deborah Prosser 🙂

I now have my nose back to the grindstone, working on new paintings for the Affordable Art Fair Battersea in March…..

Very Best Wishes


Northlight Winter Fair This Weekend!

Here at Northlight Art Studios we will be opening the Art Space for our annual festive treat that is the Winter Fair 🙂

Come and meet my lovely fellow artists and makers, with gift inspiration galore, along with the festive aroma of mulled wine and delicious cakes…YUM!

We’ll be open from 10.30am to 5pm, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd. I might even wear a festive(ish) jumper!
Do come along 🙂
Northlight Art Studios, Valley Road (and Hangingroyd Lane), Hebden Bridge HX77BZ

Here follows a selection of goodies from Northlighters.. click on each image to find out more.
Happy Browsing 🙂

Toby Cotterill
Katch Skinner
Rachel Red
Jane Revitt
Kate Boyce
Martha Breeze
Don Myers
Northlight Winter Fair
My new What The Dickens! and Science Fiction mugs and Tote bags are now available in my online shop 🙂

Don’t forget to use your code: EARLYXMAS23 for 10% off throughout the shop until December 4th
(or ask me for a mailing list discount at the Northlight Fair).

Derby Book Fair Tomorrow!!

If you are in or around Derby tomorrow, Saturday 18th November, do pop in to The Derby Book Fair at The Wardwick to see my latest prints, cards, mugs and tote bags.
Get all your bookish gifts sorted!

I’ll be there from 10.30am to 5pm. I promise to have an impressive array of tinsel and baubles to bring some festive cheer!!

Christmas Special!

To accompany my new What The Dickens! Limited Edition print, I have produced a small batch of What The Dickens! mugs and tote bags.
Currently only available in person – so come and find me at Derby Book Fair or Northlight Winter Fair!!
Prepare yourself for an atmospheric Dickensian Christmas this year!

Getting Christmas sorted early….

To encourage you to get Christmas sorted early, I am offering you an exclusive 10% off throughout my website shop from now until the 4th December 🙂

Simply add the code: EARLYXMAS23 to your basket…

What The Dickens!

The leaves are turning here in the lovely Colden Valley. It is such a blessing to be able to start my day with a stroll through the beech, oak and Scots Pines 🙂
While browsing for a link to put with this photo, I came across a blog about the hidden gems of this lovely valley.                                                                                                                          Have a look here.                                                                                                            But don’t tell everyone how lovely it is!!

New Limited Edition Print:

What The Dickens!

Now available in an edition of 100 Fine Art Giclee Prints

I love the warm tones of the worn leather and the way the gilded text shines out of the spines on these Dickens books.
Prepare yourself for an atmospheric Dickensian Christmas this year!

(remember to use the code EARLYXMAS23 for 10% off!)


A date for your diaries:

Northlight Winter Fair

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd December
10.30am – 5pm
with a dozen or more of your favourite Northlight Artists, along with refreshments, raffle and an art activity 🙂
Yes, there will be MULLED WINE!

The Winter Fair is just one of the arty things happening all around Hebden bridge as part of the
Hebden Bridge Open Studios Winter Weekend

Follow @northlight_studio @hbopenstudios and #hebdenmakeschristmas on instagram for more news from all those taking part…

Getting Christmas sorted early….

To encourage you to get Christmas sorted early, I am offering you an exclusive 10% off throughout my website shop from now until the 4th December 🙂

Simply add the code: EARLYXMAS23 to your basket…

With Best Wishes

A Round Up of Recent releases…

Last week I delivered my latest bespoke commission ‘Younger Next Year’ in time for the client’s husband’s big birthday – he loved it – always such a relief!!

Now that I have a couple of studio-based weeks without rushing around to events, I thought I would do a little
Round Up of some Recent Releases
as I can never be quite sure that I have told you about them all.

I really should be more organised, with proper launches etc. but, hey ho, that’s not really my style!! 😂

Firstly, two new Limited Editions prints for you:

Partners In Crime
because autumn is the perfect time of year to curl up on the sofa with a pile of classic Agatha Christie paperbacks and a mug of cocoa 🙂

Look At This
a nostalgic shelfful of Ladybird books to take you back to your early school days…

Drift away with the flow of the river and memories of summer with
‘By The River’
now available as an A4 mounted print

Two new greetings cards from my Portico Library collaboration:
Spine[Less] and Portico
are now in my online shop too 🙂


Getting Christmas sorted early….

I know we’re not past Hallowe’en yet, but I have been gathering gifts already, as I like to get my Christmas present buying started in October (if not before!) and well sorted by the time December gets underway.

To encourage you to do the same I am offering you an exclusive 10% off throughout my website shop from now until the 4th December 🙂

Simply add the code:


to your basket…

Roo’s Shop

… and the sun did eventually shine in Dumfries & Galloway!

Thank you Wigtown Book Festival people for a super weekend!

… and another thank you to all the lovely visitors at York National Book Fair, now that I have actually added you to my mailing list!

With Best Wishes