Coming soon to a Town Hall near you (if you live in Hebden Bridge that is!!)…..

As I am currently rather busy focusing on painting, I will be selling off some of my lino prints and screen prints at the Town Hall Print Fair in Hebden Bridge in order to make some more space in my studio!!
Come and take a look – there’ll be other artists from Northlight Art Studios on my stall, and a whole selection of other printmakers at the fair!
print fair poster

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A most successful weekend at Parallax Art Fair!!

What a busy weekend! The private view on Friday evening was a whirlwind – with much support from my wonderful family and friends. Then on Saturday and Sunday, down to business: lots of networking and sharing experiences with other artists; much enthusiasm for my work from visitors; definite interest from London galleries; a couple of commissions and several sales!!

I really couldn’t have asked for more….

I stayed on in London an extra day to explore galleries and scour second-hand bookshops for lots of inspiration for new paintings.

Exghausted now, but back to the studio tomorrow. I can’t wait to get going on lots of new work!!



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SHELF-PORTRAITS (grown-up shelfies!)

My bookshelf paintings formally known as ‘Shelfies’

have had a re-branding ready for and will henceforth wish be known as…


this has a more professional air, and relates directly to the idea of traditional oil painting,

whereas ‘Shelfie’ automatically brings snapshot photography to mind….

And here’s the latest….


‘Unwritten Book 3’ rsw2015 oil on canvas 10″x20″ £325

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