ReCollection: another chance to play!

roo-rec low-res teenybopper

ReCollection: Playtime Memories

by Roo S Waterhouse

is now showing at Tolson Museum in Huddersfield from May 18th until September 8th 2013.

Vists Tolson Museum and immerse yourself in childhood recollection with Roo Waterhouse’s nostalgic paintings and toy collection….

There will be a Toy handling event at the Museum on Sunday 14th July from 1pm until 4pm

Roo will be taking the toys out of the cabinets – come and have a play!!!!…Latest_News

For more information on the ReCollection Project follow this link…

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Penguins on parade……

Roo’s penguin paintings are now on display, and for sale, at ¬†The¬†Bookcase¬†– the wonderful independent bookshop on Market Street in Hebden Bridge, along with a selection of rather lovely greetings cards! (not to mention a shop full of hoards of fabulous books……)


Recently I have been particularly enamoured by the way that we all¬†bring¬†our own stories to the reading of a book, and each take a different story away with us – leaving the book on the shelf, altered, waiting for the next reader to come along….

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