Open Studios This Weekend!!

Open Studios Special: Part Two

‘Beside The Seaside’: New Release Limited Edition Print

U is for Unveil!

This weekend, especially for summer OPEN STUDIOS, I will be unveiling a new
Limited Edition Print release: ‘Beside The Seaside‘.

Let your mind drift off to the sun, sand and sea with this collection of seaside themed works of fiction, fact and adventure!

As subscribers I am releasing it to you today, with a special 10% discount through my online shop (use code SEASIDE at the checkout)
on ALL Limited Edition prints until the end of July!!

Here’s hoping for some seaside weather soon!!

Buy Beside The Seaside 🙂
Shelf Portrait in Progress Image by John Linney

N is for Northlight

I love having my studio space at Northlight Art Studios! It is so nourishing to be surrounded by a cooperative of lovely artists and makers… This weekend you can come and meet:
Martha Breeze (Kelletur); Kate Boyce (Painting); Juliet Blackman (Ceramics); Don Myers (Painting); Rach Red (Print & Design); Annie Harrison (Ceramics & Print);Toby Cotterill (Jewellery) and, of course ME!

Studios Open this weekend
10.30am – 5pm
Friday 5th, Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th July
You will find my studio on the first floor at Northlight Art Studios, and to show my appreciation for all your lovely support, you will be given a free Book Art Card of your choice! (you’ll just need to ask!)
AND there will be 10% off ALL Limited Edition prints!!
More About Open Studios
Hello! Image by John Linney

I hope to see you over the weekend 🙂

Best Welcoming Wishes,

Still Reading: ‘H is for Hawk’ by Helen MacDonald

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