YeeHaa.. New paintings…

Very pleased with my new larger scale paintings…


‘Long Dent’ rsw2015 oil on canvas 50cmx70cm



‘Storm’ rsw2015 oil on canvas 50cmx70cm


…and a new little one…


‘Heaven and Hell’ rsw2015 oil on board 5″x7″


Looking forward to taking them down to London and Orso Major Gallery

SHELF-PORTRAITS (grown-up shelfies!)

My bookshelf paintings formally known as ‘Shelfies’

have had a re-branding ready for and will henceforth wish be known as…


this has a more professional air, and relates directly to the idea of traditional oil painting,

whereas ‘Shelfie’ automatically brings snapshot photography to mind….

And here’s the latest….


‘Unwritten Book 3’ rsw2015 oil on canvas 10″x20″ £325