About ten years ago Mary Loney shut me in a small room with a still life set up and some acrylic paint. I had avoided painting entirely up to that point in my life, mostly due to the fact that I was terrified of colour, or more specifically, trying to replicate colours.
When I started painting with oils I limited myself to four tubes of paint: alizarin crimson; prussian blue; naples yellow and white, mixing all colours from these, starting with single object compositions – suiting my restricted palette.
I have spent ten years in my comfort zone of artefacts and possessions – they have a general tendency to remain the same colour between sittings, unlike nature – whilst expanding my palatte to two reds; two blues; three yellows; two browns and white.
Maybe one day soon I will feel brave enough to attempt to use nature and the great outdoors as my subject matter and imagine that I might be able to do it some justice.
Until that day…..there is photography….035

Reverence at home…

It was lovely to be able to hang ‘Reverence in its brand new bespsoke home in Sandra’s new kitchen last weekend. It looks perfect – just like the real thing!

Brand new Shelf-Portraits 'Green Brontes' and 'Winter Pollen'should be back from the framers in time for Northlight Winter Art Fair this weekend :-)

‘Green Brontes’ rsw2016:


‘Winter Pollen’ rsw2016


significant artefacts…

What a joy to paint this ‘portrait’ of this old Batterwhip which has lived in Nancyann’s kitchen draw for longer than she can remember! It is a beautiful object, and at some point in the past has had an old builders scraper welded to it to make a new handle. Made a refreshing change from painting book ‘Shelf-Portraits’!


Northlight Winter Art Fair this weekend!

Preparations under way for the Northlight Winter Art Fair this weekend. I’ll have art-prints and cards for sale, and some mugs! Also on display will be my latest Shelf-Portrait paintings….

stepping out of my comfort zone

I have been avoiding getting on with a promised sketch of the house of an old family friend, but last week knuckled down to it and really enjoyed doing something different.


Note to self: remember to leave comfort zone more often!


Latest sales at Frivoli, Chiswick

New homes for ‘Figaro’ and ‘Penguin among the Pelicans’ – I do find it such a privileged to be able to do what I love and have other people appreciate it!!

A more abstract approach…

A more abstract approach for a new set of paintings ready to submit to the Artsmill Winter Open. I love the juxtaposition of random colours and subtle faded shades on old book shelves. The penguins, however, just looked too naked without their logos!

‘The Iron Man’ rsw2016 oil on canvas 15x40cm



”Utopia’ rsw2016 oil on canvas 15x40cm



‘Edited’ rsw2016 oil on canvas 15x40cm